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Waterproof FRS Radio

Waterproof FRS Radio Has More Features to Reckon With

Why would you need a special feature for your radio – a waterproof FRS radio? To demand for this special feature which will entail additional cost may serve you one or more important purposes. Of course, it being waterproof only means that your radio will be exposed to aqua environment. Do you love to swim? Or- do you go for water sports? If you do, then you definitely  need waterproof FRS radio.

Device technology has been in consistent upward trend. New features are embedded in every latest model. This is the competition in technology – very high that you can be confused of the desired feature of your gadget. The waterproof FRS radio is no exception to this. The waterproof feature is only one of the considerations, in fact the prime application. You are using a technology device and you surely are a high-tech person. So, even if the quality of being waterproof is your main objective, you still go for any unit that has special features – a pride to boost of!

A few years back, one important innovation in FRS radio technology, aside from being water proof, is the launching of frs radio with the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. So this becomes a highly desirable feature of any waterproof FRS radio.

What does GPS technology do? This is a very good device to locate and know the exact position of a person. Through GPS, you can send to all radio users in your group the exact point of location. This is highly useful for explorers – in islands or mountain terrain.

You have already decided on the characteristic of your frs radio and the only added feature you want is the waterproof. But when you were browsing on the specifications, you found out that there are so much to be desired.

 Here are additional features to consider.

  1. Navigator feature – Your FRS radio can carry this feature. This is of very good use to those you go travelling in the sea. It can give your direction – north, south, east, and west. You have no way to lose your path.
  2. Area or Distance coverage – You would want to examine how far your FRS radio can reach.
  3. GPS receiver – This will indicate your exact position so you have a great chance of not being lost.
  4. Batteries – As you are mobile, battery operated unit is of paramount importance.
  5. Transmission power – You would want to know the amount of wattage for transmission.
  6. Memory capacity – Some units have a big memory to accommodate mapping for shipping, driving, fishing , hunting and other activities you might engage in.
  7. Voice vibration mode – This will be for silent operation.
  8. Chanel scan, monitor and programming – Your device can be programmable for channels you want to tune in.
  9.  Tones – Your device can have different tones – call tones, ring tones or even “roger” tones.

10.  Other features – Alarm, calculator, lap timer, stop watch and clock.

With all these amazing features that can go with your waterproof FRS radio, your first instinct is to know how much money you have budgeted for this device. Then, maybe you will withdraw a little more from your bank account and go for the useful features you can make use of. Anyway, what is an additional expense to the awesome additional feature.

Waterproof FRS radio comes in different models. Each one can have a distinct feature or a feature common to all models. Buy yours today!