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Kenwood FRS

Kenwood Jumps Into High Technology Device – The Kenwood FRS Two-Way Radio

 Kenwood, as always a respected brand; has invaded the world market of electronics. In the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia and The Pacific, the brand Kenwood is a by-word. As the company competes in this technology-based environment, it has come up with new electronic devices – among them is the Kenwood FRS (Family Radio Service). Kenwood has always wanted to pioneer any technology innovation, has always engaged in stiff competition in electronics. It has surpassed its prospects. And now, it has shown its dominance in the field  known as Kenwood FRS radio.

Kenwood operated under the umbrella of JVC Kenwood Group of Japan. Having discovered a new way of communication – it jumped into the fantastic family radio service. It made use of a UHF radio that would not need any radio licensing. So gone are the era of the CB radios and VHF marine radios. This is a world of high technology – so the FRS environment comes in.

Kenwood FRS radios are hand-held radios. Through the radio, you can talk through airwaves without interruptions; without anybody eavesdropping to your conversations. It can be used anywhere – in land, sea or wherever you go provided all that you need is a short-range communication.

Kenwood engineers had consistently given the world the best of electronic equipments. And they have launched their version of the FRS radio. Outdoor life was the concept perceived by Kenwood engineers. Knowing the extreme love of people for outdoor exploration, they came up with an electronic device to monitor people who stay outdoors. Thus, Kenwood manufactured the FreeTalk FRS radio.

What does Kenwood FRS radio offer to its discriminating customers?

  1. The radio is very convenient and user-friendly. Even children can operate it with ease.
  2. It has been designed for long lasting utility – very durable.
  3. It can be set in private or group mode. Conversations can be done privately or in group.
  4. Their radio has a size comfortable to hold in your bare hands.
  5. It has many useful features.
  6. It covers a respectable distance with clear and audible sound.

Basic features of a Kenwood FRS radio

  1. Antenna – You can have a choice of fixed or collapsible antenna. The collapsible one allows for easy storage of the whole unit. You can choose a model whole antenna swivels to allow different site orientation.
  2. Switch from privacy mode to group mode. With the privacy mode, the conversations cannot be heard by other FRS radio tuners. Then with the group mode, you can have conference conversations with your group, either family or friends without traffic or signal interruptions.
  3. When you are in the group mode, you can select an available channel and all users in the group can be locked into this channel. This way, your group can converse without interference.
  4. It has a range detection feature that can detect if the users get out of range coverage.            There is a beep that can signal if you are already out of the distance covered.
  5. Their radio can have the power-saving specification.
  6. The radio can have icons for channel, group mode and battery indicators.
  7. Some come with backlight feature to enable the user sufficient illumination.

With the continuing advent in technology and gadgets, expect Kenwood to be on the lead. As Kenwood engineers do researches, later Kenwood FRS models will have more to offer. You can do your own research also – find the new features of any Kenwood product. They never lag behind their competitors.