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FRS Base Station

Discover The  Importance Of  FRS Radio Base Station – You Surely Will Buy One!

Today, an up-trend new market niche unfolds – the FRS base station. True, enough because the two-way radio system has retained its high demand. It is still desired as a communication medium.  Maximization of the use of the radio is made through an additional gadget to the two way radio units – the FRS  base station.   But- why do you still use the FRS radio system, with the current advent of mobile phones?  Find out why and you will also discover many other uses and features of FRS base station;   you might also appreciate the many advantages you can enjoy – especially in protecting your family.

Today, the world is fascinated with the mobile phones that every person (even grade school pupils) has his own unit. It becomes a status symbol more of its main function – communication equipment. But despite this fad, the FRS radio system retains its magic for those whose main purpose is to monitor family members or friends in a short distances such as home, garden or park. Why?  The radio system does not involve cost except for initial investment (affordable, by the way) on the unit. There are no high phone bills – whether the mobile is prepaid or postpaid. It can be operated by children. There is less risk! But as the FRS radio is highly desirable, then families want to maximize the usefulness of this wireless communication device.

Uses of FRS base station –

  1. It will accommodate multi-radio users in keeping in-touch with each other. With a base station, you can extend the distance coverage.
  2. It serves as a central point for communication of all users.
  3. It gives a louder and clearer audio.
  4. Communication interruption is less.
  5. It can be used as a baby monitor.
  6. It also functions as intercom.

Types of FRS base station –

  1. Portable – The size is usually compact for portability. Good for mobile – in the car – use.
  2. Fixed – This is stationed in one place.

Features of a FRS base station

  1. Portability – It is used even if you are in the car or you move from one place to place.
  2. The effectiveness of the audio – clear, not garbled and loud enough sound.
  3. AC/DC operated. You can use it with electrical power or batteries.
  4. Channel selector and LED indicators.
  5. Memory button – just press a button to talk to a chosen receiving person.
  6. For a neater look, the antenna can be foldable.
  7. It allows for more ample distance coverage.
  8. If you are a water sports lover, you can look for a waterproof model.

Before you buy your FRS base station, scout first for prices. Consider if the model fits into your budget. With the unending demand for a FRS base station, there are models with more features but with higher price tag. Look at the specifications and see if it can serve your basic purpose.

You are in possession of FRS two-way radio. This device is very important to you especially when you are outdoors.  You want to maximize the use of radio communication because you have a family and you want monitoring of everyone. The use of FRS base station will enable you to meet your needs and demands. Have one of this device and you will experience full utility of your FRS radio communication system.