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Frs Radio

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Know What Family Service FRS Radio Is

Gone are the days of the walkie-talkie. Instead, we now have hand-held two-way frs radios. We have what we call Family Radio Service (FRS). So – what really is a frs radio? What are its uses?

FRS radios are some type of Citizens Band Radio Services. They are two-way radios, small and hand-held. Its main use is to deliver short-distanced communication. It is intended for use of a family, a small group or associates to communicate within their vicinity. The range of service of this kind of radio is very limited, more or less one mile only. As its coverage is very short, you can only use it within a small perimeter area such as garden, inside big houses, parks, restaurants, farms or small malls.

Some who experienced this FRS radios aver that the range is only line-of-sight. This means that any message transmitted through this radio is adequate if you can see the person you are talking to. Isn’t this very short a distance? Indeed it is. Other testimonies alleged that if transmitter and receiver are in congested areas, it is likely to cover only half to one mile. However, if you are in an open space, the distance may be more. And still, it is a plus if transmitter and the receiver are both in separate mountain peaks. The transmission capability of the FRS radio is enhanced. If someone infers that the FRS Radio covers 3 or 5 or 10 miles, you can tell him that he might be using a “hybrid radio”. By hybrid radio, we mean that the radio is FRS/GMRS, working in a GMRS band as well. The GMRS had a bigger range.

This equipment cannot be used to call, as in using it as telephone. It is an adequate medium for business-related communication. It has been an acceptable unlicensed alternative to business band, having been classified as low-cost equipment.

Can you use unlicensed FRS radio without any government violation?

Yes you can. In fact licensing is not a pre-requisite for its use. License is not even issued. Neither is there any prescribed age for the user. If you are still a teen-ager, go for it. You are entitled to use it. Also, it does not have any discrimination factor – no citizen requirement – to be able to purchase one and use it. However, there is an easy to do provision for the use of FRS radio. You are authorized to use the FRS radio in places where the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a regulatory agency. When you buy an FRS radio, be sure that your unit has the identifying label of the FCC. You must likewise be sure that what you use is unmodified.

The FRS radio utilizes the so-called UHF (Ultra High Frequency). Unlike the citizen’s band (CB) or the cordless phones, the FRS radio never suffer interference at 27MHz and 49MHz, respectively. Furthermore, FRS radio uses the FM (frequency modulation) instead of the AM (amplitude moderation).

The FRS has a maximum of 5 watt power. It can make use of 14 channels. The first channel is reserved as common call channel. Channels 1 to 7 are shared by FRS with GMRS.

To recapitulate, we disclosed that FRS radio is a two-way hand-held radio used for both recreational and business purposes. Licensing of the radio once acquired is not needed. What is important to find is the FCC label on the unit you purchased. You can make use 14 channels.